On the Connecticut Shore

3rdarm connecticut shore river plane clouds

Blue sea creeping up the shore

Like a lover greeting

Timidly the maiden land

And as quick retreating

3rdarm connecticut shore shady glen cheeseburger milkshake vanilla

Sad sea sighing on the shore

Like that lover grieving

As he gives a last caress

To the land he’s leaving

3rdarm connecticut shore judy roxie aunty arthur mullen

Glad sea bounding up the shore

Like a bridegroom bringing

Jewels for the lovely land

Jewels over her flinging

3rdarm connecticut shore trees shadow evening

Telling in her happy ear

Love I love thee only

Let me clasp thee waiting one

Ever I leave thee lonely

3rdarm connecticut shore raven beauty camera

Green as thine no other shore

Out beyond the billow

Not like thine its crimson sand

Here shall be my pillow

-from the poem “On the Connecticut Shore” by Elizabeth H. Jocelyn Cleaveland

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