“Second Door To your Right…”

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Lena Brava – Tuesday, August 16

For a big challenge (the hood system stopped working as we opened for service, filling the DR with wood smoke) it was handled with great teamwork and professionalism.  Big thank you to the chefs for getting us back in action, allowing us to seat the entire DR and take care of a 4-course 30 person private dining party.  We learned a few ways to handle situations like this for next time if something similar were to happen, but the bottom line is the entire team made it their job to deliver the Lena experience our guests deserve, and we got through it together.

3rdarm chicago sunset

MVP:  Lisa Carlson… working almost a true double to ensure the party went off without a hitch.  How is it possible that 3 months past the opening of a new restaurant, a 4-course private party for 30 people was the most boring (in a very, very good way) part of service?  Lisa Carlson, is the answer, as well as our amazing Chefs Lisa and Fred (and shoutout to Chef Andres! …and Chef Glenn!)

kitchen commandments joke 3rdarm

Tom Skilling says… near 90-degree temps to nudge moisture-rich tropical air mass into producing sporadic thunderstorms at times into the weekend.

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