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Lena Brava – Sunday, July 31

Sunday’s at LB have taken on the episodic nature of a telenovela, there are highs and lows, and it’s always an adventure to end the week.  Tonight one of the service highs was Lynnea dying part of her hair purple by request of the Doe Coover birthday party of 8 (they had all dyed their hair purple as well, in celebration of their college reunion / Doe’s bday) who had such an awesome time.  The low was when a guest fell back from his bar seat (he never fully seated himself, and lost control of the chair-an accident on the part of the guest) and hit his head: we were fortunate Sarah was on top of it (with help from Hector and Jackie) thank you Sarah.

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Mood Scale:  Todd may have set a new record for brewery tours today.  One couple, from table 51, were so interested we had to gently lead them back for their tomahawk steak.  They were still talking positivitely about the brewery tour when we served dessert later on.  Todd is not only introducing CB in a personal and behind-the-scenes way, he is elevating LB guests experience.

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Tom Skilling says… August to open hot, muggy and stormy.

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