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lena brava cruz blanca chicago 3rdarm

Cruz Blanca – Wednesday, August 17

Fun Wednesday in Cruz Blanca!  During the more mellow afternoon we had staff and I deep clean CB2.  We documented the specific 5 areas for the staff which I sent out in an email with photos.  Todd and I also documented a two-step technique for cleaning the CB patio tables (hard to reach those tomatillo seeds after a salsa spill) which we emailed out to the staff with photos. Great energy in CB1 for the dinner rush, which tapered off around 9PM. Full DR and patio for about three hours.  

lena brava cruz blanca chicago 3rdarm

Mood Scale: Tonight I got a chance to make hot chocolate for a party of CB guests!   This party of 4 had shared 4 different taco platters, and had engaged both Franky (always da real mvp) and I as we set them up and checked in on them.  At the end of dinner, they were trying to “hard sell” me that they should be allowed to have Lena desserts… they had enjoyed a pecan square and wanted to have more.  I was able to gently decline and serve them the authentic hot chocolate which they loved!

lucila alfajores chicago 3rdarm

SG’s:  Lucila (alfies!) and her husband Joe.  Manny and Joe V.  Party of 5 West Loop regulars. Shane F and friend. Lots of couples today.

bridgeport chicago 3rdarm

Tom Skilling says… expect building cumulous clouds mixed with sun.

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