“The Problem of Seating People…”

cruz blanca chicago 3rdarm sunset

Cruz Blanca – Wednesday, July 27

Awesome Wednesday at CB with a long pop for dinner that lasted from 6PM to almost 9PM.  Both patio and DR were full with diners for primetime, with one or two parties always on stand-by.  Great energy from both BOH and FOH with everyone focused on our guests’ experiences.

3rdarm chicago sunrise southside bridgeport

Mood Scale: The addition of the 3 new beers has the staff and the guests excitement very high. When I listened in at the bar several times, Frankie and Wink were proud and enthusiastic to describe these new offerings to our guests.  All it took was a small taste, and the visual appear of these new brews, combined with the buzz from other guests and the bartenders, and it quickly became a room full of kolsch, gose and Raspberry Flamingos.

lena brava tom kavanaugh chicago 3rdarm clayton cooks weber

Shout out:  Way to go Jacob completing the Cruz beer menu and so many delicious, refreshing and under-represented styles: you are crushing it!

MVP:  Franky was so solid on the bar, personable, warm, technical on point making drinks, I would NEVER have guessed it was his first CB bar shift!

Co-MVP: Matt Morin for staying deep into the dinner rush to make sure all guests had a great time at CB tonight. 

lena brava chicago staff 3rdarm

Tom Skilling says… omega pattern brings in cooler temps for the weekend.

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