“Toms in the Dishpit”

francisco original polisher lena brava chicago 3rdarm

Francisco sorry for the late text hope it doesn’t wake you up when you have to wake up early for the midterms or something. I just wanted to say I was proud to open those 2 beasts of restaurants together. We are both writers so we have to try and remember this experience together, it could be one or both of our big breaks. I want to know what I looked like washing dishes do you have any pics of me on the dish machine? I only have pics of your hand. Pics or it didn’t happen bro, no, words or it didn’t happen Mr. “Toms in the Dishpit” (not allowed to call it dishpit.) Yes my last memory of you from this restaurant opening will be you wearing Toms in the dishpit. Thank you for so much for being there for that, the laughs, the delicious chocolates and Oreos and of course, the sass. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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