“What has Happened to the Famous Vintages…”

lena brava chefs chef rick bayless chicago 3rdarm

Lena Brava – Saturday, August 13

Big bold Saturday at Lena Brava.  Tonight we went with 3 servers on each floor, and had the bartenders serve all the bar seats.  This configuration worked out well, from the most part.  One idea that arose from the staff’s experience tonight would be to have 2 SA’s on each floor, and have the SA’s pool by floor.  This would create 2 person teams on each floor, working in tandem with an incentive for teamwork, which some staff posit would lead to better support, and thus even greater Lena experiences.  Just an idea I thought was neat and wanted to share.

lena brava chefs chef rick bayless chicago 3rdarm lisa despres mike nutter stephen sandoval

MVP: Brien was all over the seated bar guests, asking where they were from (Watertown, MA, for example), sending me in when applicable (and when I had a minute) to tell stories about Nichols Farm, had the first LB guests enjoy wine from the Poron (I thought maybe they were visiting from Colorado?) and also backing up Edgar on service bar when we had big pushes for cocktails.  Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing (hospitality.)

lena brava chefs chef rick bayless chicago 3rdarm glenn wang

Tom Skilling says (cryptically)… seasonable weather expected into midweek.

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