arthur mullen 2017 quake 2 quake2 q2 rick bayless lena brava 3rdarm chicago

Raven Beauty had me over her mom’s place for Christmas. I couldn’t believe how many presents they got me, all with a lot thought and good eye behind them. We had a spread of food and when they announced George Michael had passed it turned into a dance party. My gift for the Harpers came later when I had them in the restaurant for dinner. They were the first friends and family I had as guests. Jada said I can have Raven, but the dinner was so delicious they still owe me more than that. I wrote an appreciation to the staff on Facebook:

arthur mullen 2017 quake 2 quake2 q2 rick bayless lena brava 3rdarm chicago

“I am getting emotional thinking about the love you showed my family – i can’t think about it’s my third rail. Lynnea, Jason Martinez, Allie, Leslie, Chad, squad, you guys i got too close to the hit and it clipped me at the heart. Thank you guys for creating the kind of restaurant that nourishes with love above and beyond the amazing food and drink. I’m slow to emote because when the feelings start they don’t ever stop. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now guys. Seeing Raven’s aunt who is fighting serious health battles get up from the table after dessert and start dancing in the dining room. Damn, you got me. Crying in the uber. #squad2017 #bass2life #bass2reality”

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