First Friday


First Friday of the year brought supercold temps which seemed to have a downward drag on our lunch business, which was way quieter than typical (could also be this first week of year.)  Dinner began at a similar tempo but as we rounded 8PM and headed towards 9PM, both CB1 and CB2 filled up entirely, and the house was rocking. Great energy from 9PM to close.

chicago west south side bridgeport 3rdarm lena brava arthur mullen donde q2 roly poly cat

Mood Scale:  Matt has the staff focused on the importance of adapting our service to be able to fulfill the needs of our many different kinds of guests, and sometimes we just need to be able to talk and listehn: neighborhood regulars may enjoy being informed on particular subjects of interest, for example the latest test batch from the brewery, while out of town first time guests will often need an overview of the operation, maybe even a mini-tour of the brewery.  Matt has the entire staff taking home the NYT article that Wink shared with our group this week, and the staff’s homework assignment is to bring back 3 ideas to improve our service at Cruz.  Great assignment that will definitely have us all working together on improving our guests’ CB experience.  Here is a link to the article:

Tom Skilling says… cold weekend and then a warmup.

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