What is it, your first time in the Sub Pump Room? Well yes, actually it is.


Today we again struggled with the call-outs however we were saved by Ignacio, coming in on his day off to serve, and Luis, battling back from gastritis.  The entire staff stepped up and performed a beautiful ballet of service on this Sunday evening. 


Mood Scale:  Allie had a lovely couple at table 73 for an early dinner.  They brought up their recent trip to visit their son in the Yucatan, getting to see cenotes for the first time, and how much they enjoyed Xtabentun.  Allie let me know and I was able to bring them a taste (we had xtabentun in house from previous dessert) and share with them my story of visiting the Yucatan.  Kudos to Allie for listening and seeing this opportunity.

Shoutout: Lynnea for her awareness of when to ask for help boosting our guests mood scale (sometimes it takes a village.)


True Champion:  Clayton, chief of the Fire line, missed his first Sunday in the history of 900 due to illness, but we still had our family dinner (#squad #everyoneeats) in his honor.  Thank you to LLL and best wishes to Clayton the Crusher.

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