Pakistani Onyx Cat


We were busy from the time of our staff meeting through the dinner rush, and then just when it mellowed for a second, the BIG POP hit just about 8:30PM and carried us through to the end of the night. 


SG’s:  Ramon, our number one best regular and storyteller.  Big sports night with close Bulls / Rockets fans enjoying a close game (and some of us reminiscing during the Celtics / Lakers game before that.)  Couple from Xoco first time at CB.  Friends of Wink who are going to support him tomorrow as he tapes an improve podcast (good luck Wink!)  Justin Apuli (former CEO of Caviar Chicago) and his date.


True Champions:  Frankie and Daniel, these two are unbelievable hospitalitarians in their own rights, but together, a true wrecking crew.  Respect.


Tom Skilling says… lackluster snow since Dec. 19 the lowest in 117 years… and here we have another mild weekend.

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