I’d Rather Be Eating Birds


This Friday was the warmest February 17th in the entire history of Chicago’s weather record… and people in the city reacted accordingly. We were packed to the gills from the afternoon and almost to 10PM, and finally gave a last call on CB2 at about 11PM. Bobby our bar stage showed hustle, much needed as CB2 was in the weeds for most of the night with both bartenders on a double and down a busser. Jason Tucay lead the kitchen over the river, through the woods and finally to grandma’s house.


SG’s:  Ramon, with Jacob and Lisa, keeping an eye on Bobby (who used to work with them at Goose Island.)  Constellation brands marketing group (big thanks to Lisa C!)  Couple at the bar who appreciated my cumbias, friends of Borraz. More than the usual number of guests seemed to be “going hard,” possibly due to the unseasonable warmth.


True Champion:  Desiree was on cash tonight, with Dave greeting and taking orders and Leonard bussing.  The three of them shared responsibilities in the dining room and worked together as a cohesive team, with super tight non verbal communication, and no questions asked when someone needed help.  Along with the kitchen, they were buried for much of the night, but were able to make it through successfully by supporting each other.  Desiree showed calm under fire, and leadership acting as the liason between the kitchen and the guests. It was the first PM shift we worked together, and Desiree showed herself to be a true champion.


Tom Skilling says… record warmth is here for an extended stay.

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