Beta Samurai in the Beta Mines of Hell


The new ordering tickets are a learning process but already making a difference in the clarity of what is being ordered: out of all the orders tonight we had only 1 taco platter double made, and that was for an employee so there may be other variables.  Great job by Chef Stephen on improving the BOH and Sarah for talking about the patio and gearing up staffing for summer: the earlier we all get on the same page the better, because in Chicago’s restaurant version of Game of Thrones, Summer is Coming.


Mood Scale: / True Champion:  Desiree offered our guests warm hospitality and even with the new ordering sheets and tweaked system for expediting was on top of all the technical details, ensuring our guests are happy and the kitchen is calm.  I was blown away at her ability to learn quickly and pivot into the changes, as well as extend check-in’s with guests whom she had made recommendations to.  Desiree’s background at Shake Shack in addition to other experiences and her natural talent have equipped Desiree to be our True Champion, and with her rolling with these small changes, we all appreciated Des’ leadership today.

Tom Skilling says… blizzard tomorrow?

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