Mellow vibes on this Tuesday, perhaps impacted by torrential downpour and lightning storm.  Thankfully not much impacted (for the guests) by hood malfunction that made life on the fire line very uncomfortable for our cooks.  The weather or ventilation issue may have had something to do with the audio difficulties (we switched over to Sonos 1 and listened to soul music so as not to impact guests experience.)


Shoutout: Thank you Chef Andres for your calm steady presence leading us through any and all challenges.
True Champion: Shelly has proven herself to be thorough and detail oriented in her quick mastery of LB’s many systems for service: tonight she debuted tastes of an after dinner iced coffee she is working on to present to Jeff for the LB dessert menu.  When I tried it today it was already amazing (this is why I am not asked to critique new dishes) and sealed Shelly’s title as tonight’s True Champion.


Mood Scale:  Today’s mood scale segment should be called, “The thoughtful touch.” This is something that I have adopted from Leslie’s approach to SG’s.  Rather than just send an extra ice dish or a dessert at the end, trying to find a way to bump up a guests (especially SG or guest that is known personally by staff) with a more thoughtful, nonconventional approach. For Adam Goldberg (http://www.alifewortheating.com/) we went back to his photo set from when he had dinner at Topolobampo, about 6 years ago: that night he was able to take a photo of Chefs Rick and Andres on the line. Tonight we set up a shot-for-shot recreation of that photo with Chefs Rick and Andres and the kitchen of Lena Brava.  Adam was really enthused by the idea, and hopefully that enthusiasm and positivity will carry through his photos at dinner tonight all the way to when he posts about Lena Brava on “A Life Worth Eating.”


Tom Skilling seems to be telling us to buckle up for a rollercoaster ride into March with much colder temps and snow for Wed night into Thursday.

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