When the Pastry Station is Left Unattended


Thursday was smooth and yet with great depth, not unlike a side of cauliflower mash.  We had Oscar and Pepe knock a small business group private party outta the park. Lynnea, Chad, Todd and Emily were a versatile team on floor 2 giving our guests there a great experience. On the main floor, Chef Andres ensured the even pacing and beauty of all plates, while Gerdes handled our SG’s and Iggy and Brigitte crafted amazing LB experiences as well.


SGs:  Richard S amazing travel writer and Ruth awesome chef from CDMX, her first time dining in Lena Brava, really bowled over by our execution. Famous chef and family, of famous restaurant restaurant, loves the Gerdes and in his capable hands this evening.


Mood Scale:  Tonight there was mild concern about guest reactions to the live band playing in CB2 because it was audible in LB2 – we talked and decided to let the music play on the windowed side of the LB2 dining room (above the Lena entrance) and that way the bar guests would not be subjected to 2 musical sources. It turns out that everyone LOVED the band and it enticed several tables to head over after their dinner to check out the El Train release. It was beautiful synergy.


True Champions: Leslie and Matt big thank you for tirelessly holding it down at Lena while the rest of us were away.  Everything is in good condition, most importantly staff mood scale, because of your hard and much appreciated teamwork holding it down.  True champions, true story, big thank you called back.

Tom Skilling says strong winds prelude temperature downturn.

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