Vibrant, generously packed Friday on both CB floors for the entirety service, the kitchen in top gear with their ordering system, proven to run like a well-oiled machine tonight because we had Alejandro (our newest CB server) taking orders and still killed it – Alejandro did a great job and Leonard was his backup up.  Huge appreciation to The Dukes for knowing when to let Alejandro practice with a big line, and when to step in and take over to move the line faster. Leonard, our true champion.  It was the perfect Friday for the newbies to practice for the higher heat and volume of the summer.

Mood Scale:  LC and I talked about how welcoming guests with a big smile and emphasis on the freedom of service style – you can really do your own thing – is a way to flip a potential weakness into a strength. With March Madness, and now brunch on the weekends, the place is feeling more homey, more approachable, more hang-out-able… truly the kind of place to do your own thing.


SG’s:  Grammy award winning fashion designer, waiting for her reservation.  Badgers, a couple parties of Wisconsin fans were friends of SS and other employees, as well as Wisconsin fans in general – for the big Wisconsin – Villanova game. Many guests fitting the funny description Manny came up with “discerning sports fans” – not the usual toughguy riffraff from the neighborhood watering hole, our sports fan are into multiculti food, organic and seasonal ingredients – one circle is sports and beer bros and one circle is Bayless foodies and the CB sports fan is the middle slice of this Venn diagram. Steven former bartender and his girlfriend.


Tom Skilling predicts a warm front split along the I-80 corridor… north of I-80 colder with temps in the 40’s, while south of I-80 it’s warmer and in the 60’s.

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