First Outdoors Preshift of the Year


Strong business for a Wednesday without ever feeling frantic on the floor, many tables of SG’s and a celebratory vibe in both dining rooms, somewhat rare for a weekday. Excellent job by Shawniece controlling the flow of seating as well as communicating to our guests about the process so that both sides were receiving a steady stream of guests, thus contributing to the good energy. 

Shoutout to JF: Emily R one of our hot runners let me know at the end of the shift this was the first service in her memory and the hot line cooks’ memory that we did not run out of ANYTHING the entire service. THANK YOU JF ❤


True Champion: Christian G again the closing server on LB1 does so well in so many different situations with different kinds of guests. When I am closing, Christian is the rock that I depend on and his communication is second to none. Thank you for closing like a true champion CG.

Tom Skilling says…. Cloudy, chilly, damp, and windy.

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