Oink Oink


Beautiful Friday with Goldilocks level of business for most of prime time. Great teamwork by both bar teams – although of course we missed the leadership of Wink – Mary Ann and Alejandro on floor one super steady all night, with Frankie and Borraz crushing it upstairs. Great job by Jason present on the line all night putting food out at high value with a system of organization that gets tighter and better every week.

Mood Scale:  The choice of small side salads on the taco platter was a definite mood scale raiser – it makes the platter more visually appealing AND more delicious with a splash of color and flavor.


SG’s:  Crossfit friends of Manny, very large party, we were looking for “Rugby physique” guest named Sean and I totally pegged the wrong guy at the wrong party – the Crossfit party was mostly female, all wicked strong. Borraz and Danny M handled them with warmth and grace.  We also had Greg Gunthorp, on the way to a speaking engagement in Wisconsin, CB is the spot Greg stops at (that’s an awesome compliment!) Ramon, the number one regular for making me laugh, was a welcome presence at the bar. I almost met Raul, with a large party at the end of the night, super excited CDMX should be back soon.
Shoutout: Chef Kelly OK’ed 4 (4!!!) tarts for a large party who had previously fell in love with her desserts on the other side.  We said we couldn’t guarantee it would always be OK but this time these guests were so happy to finish their big dinner with these tarts, thank you chef.

Tom Skilling says… Last Day of March Rains will lead into a Warmer April.

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