Legends Born


Full Saturday with a lot of interest in the NCAA Final Four basketball.  Such was the sports enthusiasm tonight that I was asked to step out of a guests line of site to the TV no less than three different times – and one of those guests was in the process of getting cleared by me. More evidence of wild energy – 3 guests (2 female, one male) had to be cut off on the second floor and 2 guests (both male) had to be cut off on the first floor.


True Champions: Nosheen and Mary Ann crushed it on the CB1 bar together – with the beautiful sunny blue sky Saturday there were droves of folks out walking Randolph Street and that meant a ton of walk-in’s and turnover at the CB1 bar. N and MA were able to keep in good spirits themselves thru the high volume. Mary Ann handled one of the intoxicated guests that we would not serve, and did such a professional and flawless job that the guests seated around all complimented her to me afterwards: well done Mary Ann and Nosheen.


SG’s:  Max W and his dad, father / son dinner: in particular Max loved the Salad with Grilled Chicken and said it was killer (Max was Xoco manager for about 2 years before me.)  Lots of NCAA Final Four basketball fans – and their rhythms became our rhythms, with the most intensity of the dinner rush hitting between the two games.
Shoutout: Omar, on a double, was still laughing and joking with guests at the end of many hours worked: bravo.


True Champion Cylindrical-Conical Edition: I got the opportunity to go on the full brewery tour today and learned so much, really effective storytelling and amazing depth of knowledge Todd W.  The only downside was working the rest of the night with wet feet because Todd blew my socks off.

Tom Skilling says… clouds and a chance of showers later Sunday.

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