Tacos Mi Ranchito El Fénix


I am not a fish taco noob! I ate at Ricky’s in LA, where my sister lives. OK OK, I’m a total East Coast fish taco noob, but that was my previous highest fish taco mountain summit. NO MORE! Tacos Mi Ranchito El Fenix is the new Fish tacos King, in my book anyway.


The fluffiness, the fluffiness, how could something fried make me remember it as golden, light, airy, fluffy. The stand itself is perfect on a well traveled corner, with comfortable and convenient bar stools and tables.


The whole time I stood at the specialized circular fish and shrimp fryer watching the cooks golden touch, wagging my tongue and licking my chops like a bull dog at a butchershop. It would be pretty easy to stand there forever, if you ask me. What’s that? Sun is dying? ONE MORE SHRIMP TACO, PLEASE.

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