Started From the Bottom and We Here


Sunday Funday was a hit! As the bulk of sales coming in the first half of the day, and tapered until the end of dinner… I wanted to focus this report more on our first hit brunch.


Brunch Report According to Todd… we had a group of 6 waiting outside before we opened the doors to start brunch. From open until 4PM we had a full house, literally ever table filled.  Bar staff did a good job keeping up with the rush. Kitchen had a bumpier start with the new items, with one order taking almost an hour to be completed: 6 plates total were comped all day. Apart from that, everything was perfect. Exciting to see this increased vitality and brunch enthusiasm. Right before he left, Todd W gave a benediction, “Let the men stay in their keep, the wolves in the forest, and the grain in the beer-making process…”


Chef Stephen on today’s brunch… It was a big push and we manhandled it. We were down our AM dishwasher, and utilized our prep cook on the CB grill station. We made the adjustments. There was a long ticket time at the climax, and we got it out.

Tom Skilling says… fifties for days, ya’ll.

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