Blunted on Rail-ity


Big Friday rumbling… between the full house on ground floor and two 25+ person parties on floor 2 (shoutout to LC), with the rest of the second floor seating open to the public, Cruz Blanca was packed like a sardine can and rocking all night. The kitchen was humming yet organized  (shoutout to Chef Stephen,) and we never felt out of control despite the heavy volume. Today the entire team, FOH and BOH, in a word, executed.


True Champions: The trifecta of Franky, Borraz and Big Danny Mo are adaptable hospitality professionals and the perfect team for CB2. Tonight they had a couple challenges thrown their way, such as flipping floor 2 immediately following the all-staff meeting, and then picking up another 25 person party in addition to 30 person party already scheduled.  When they had to put their heads down and focus, they did, and when they had a minute to make a guest laugh, they did that too. These guys are the best: these guys are true champions.


Kitchen:  Josimar, Jason and Alex were on fire tonight – these guys deserve an appreciation for a superb service tonight. Bravo, muy amiable.

Tom Skilling says… Warm sunny patio + new beers (shoutout to Jacob) + delicious brunch should be the perfect recipe for an amazing spring weekend.

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