Back from Baja


This Friday was a grower AND a show-er… even in the afternoon when we had our staff meeting there was enough volume (every large table turned over in front of kitchen, patio was full) to necessitate me staying on the floor to help the transition team.  It was a good energy on both floors: with sushi Jason in command of the kitchen, Wink and MaryAnn on floor 1, and Frankie holding down floor 2 with Bobby and Big Danny Mo, the whole place was so under control the mood teetered towards feeling mellow. However the crowds just grew and grew, and with the rain starting, we had a captive audience. From 7PM to close we had both floors full.


True Champions: We had a group of 7 in for the ultimate experience, including a brewery tour with Jacob: they had bid the highest and contributed a hefty check to the FFF. Huge appreciation for the “true champion” level effort from Lisa, Jacob, Franky, Danny Mo, everyone who contributed to these guests experience, it truly was a lot of fun…


Kitchen:  Shoutout to Jason, Miguel, Josimar, and Veronica: they were rocking tonight, great communication and work flow.

SG’s:  More of a date night and groups of friends, than sports fans which had been the norm.

Tom Skilling says… Wet spring continues.

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