Shadows of the Empire


Steady rocking Wednesday dinner service… with lots of turnover (turning and burning, folks coming in for dinner post-work, for the most part) marking the beginning of dinner service and business building until we hit peak volume between 7:30 and 8:30PM.


True Champion: Desiree, one of the floor staff, who joined us from Shake Shack, has had a rough start to her year. Desiree is the kind of person who does not air her dirty laundry, and I certainly won’t be doing that here: I bring this up because if you see the genuine connections Desi makes in her service, we all see her passion and she is amazing with people.  Desiree is able to put aside her personal challenges and shine for the guests, setting the example of how to be a true champion of hospitality.

Tom Skilling says… one warm Thursday before a chillier weekend.

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