Big Games


Big Saturday at the LB with extra energy coming from all the special guests joining us from the great restaurants across the country, in town for the JBF Awards.  Service felt consistent and the teamwork was strong: we got a shoutout from the team in from San Francisco with noted mixologist Scott Baird, that everyone on our staff had given them warm hospitality.

Mood Scale:  My favorite CNC was meeting a couple who are now regulars at the bar, Rich and Ginger. They live in Dallas but vacation in Chicago, and have fostered good relations with Miguel, Shelley, and more. Now I am on the list, possibly forever, because we shared photos, and now follow each other on Instagram (and we shared one of Rich’s photos of the razer clams on the restaurant Instagram.)


SG’s:  Katy (the artist formerly known as Katy Lawrence) with her wife Tanya.  Nasty Nutter with his girlfriend.  Matt W, Clayton’s brother. Scott Baird and team from SF.  Bar manager from the Cherry Circle Room.  Chef Rick and Deann with Kiersten, OG of the test kitchen, and Chef Josefina, of Mexico City.  After speaking to the hot line cooks, thanking them for her dinner, Chef Josefina turned to Rick, motioned at Illiana, and said, “She is a fearless warrior.”

Tom Skilling says… good days coming, but maybe bring an umbrella and sweater.

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