Creative Non Comp


There may have been a certain sluggishness in returning to work after last night’s party: big thank you to everyone who brought their positive energy (Chef Andres with his leadership, Jeff W with donut holes, and David our SA making us all smile) to lift up sleep deprived.  By the time food was fired for the 30 person PDR party, the haze had burned off completely and we were back at 100 percent, delivering top notch experiences.


True Champion:  Brien D was the man on the second floor tonight, taking on an expanded section that encompassed the seventies and later included the sixties as well – as the night progressed and we needed 2 additional tables Brien was there to take on the challenge. Having touched most of his tables myself, I could see that not only was Brien in top gear, he was making good on his commitment to ultimate hospitality. That’s our true champion.


Shoutout:  Emily R’s mother dined with a friend (table for 2) tonight in LB1. We had the staff sign a card and inside we had a photo of Emily and almost all the support staff from last night’s photobooth. This little CNC was treasured by Emily’s mom! Shoutout to Hector.


Tom Skilling says… looking like a normal spring week in the fifties, sixties, and rain around every corner.

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