Butter Pasta


Tuesday eased us into the post-Cinco season, which is feeling more and more like summer.  We had a lot of excitement at the tables, which carried over into a good energy in the dining room, benefitting the entire staff.  Oscar and Pepe with Clayton and Chef Andres were very successful with the 19 person PDR party. Beatriz gets a shoutout for showing confidence in running the HC.


Shoutout: Chef Kelly, big thank you for stepping in to assist with new hire paperwork for our new polisher, Arendy. While they were busy with federal and state tax forms, and scanning ID’s and such, I traced the etymological background of “Arendy” to the Aztec name “Erendira,” which in Nahuatl means, “Smiling Princess.”

Tom Skilling says… warm air’s return accompanied by heightened chance of thunderstorms Wednesday PM.

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