Nasty Nut


Huge congrats to the entire team at 900 not just for 1yr anniversary: today’s execution was huge, starting with the media at the brewery kitchen this morning (shoutout to Chef Roberto and KGray!) and followed by a seemingly endless amount of guests from lunch to dinner, and the service was smooth and guests loved their food all day, leading to the crazy sales numbers.  On the seafood side, LLL and chefs executed a tasting menu that counter-programmed the “lowest common denominator” factor (everyone wants to come out for Mexican food for just one day, not our usual “true believers”) leading to a huge sales number and the highest PPA I have seen.  A record day and hugely successful services on both ends of 900: not only did we survive year 1, we have leveled up.


True Champion:  The bar team in its entirety gets my Year 1 True Champion Award.  From Jeff’s cocktail list (and Lanie’s mezcals) that wowed me from the first, and continue to wow me with every new change, to the promotion of Shelly and Nosheen, to Chad’s ownership over prep, organization and strategy, and Brien’s promotion to training leader due to his unyielding standard for guest experience. This is more than just another bar staff, or top notch crew.  This is a team of true Champions.


Arthur Mullen’s Inspirational 5 de Mayo Quote of the Year from TOK, on their hit song, Chi-Chi Man (some of the lyrics may be slightly invented because Arthur doesn’t understand patois slang):  “My crew, my dawgs, get wood, get logs, blaze the fire make me bun them (bun them!!!!)”

Tom Skilling says… amazing weekend ahead high 50’s and sunny.

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