Big party AND big night combined with pre-Mother’s day and a beautiful Saturday for an excellent adventure on our side of 900.


Shoutout:  Nasty Nutter’s vegetarian Mextaplique has been a big hit of the menu change: shoutout!


True Champion: Nosheen had big energy on both floors AND kitchen of CB, and the wake of the afternoon anniversary party. Today she crushed all responsibilities and situations with professionalism, and always, defining herself as a true champion.


Mood Scale:  In our preshift, we had a great exercise: three servers demoed their spiel in front of the staff.  We gave them a precise 60 seconds to spiel first time guests in this demonstration. We learned great touches from all 3 servers that will be used to elevate all our guests experiences: from Emily, we learned to lead with enthusiasm and introduce the Baja California Norte cuisine through it’s influences, from Iggy we learned to speak of the progressive listing of the menu sections (lighter to heavier dishes by section) and from Brigitte we learned that the portioning is versatile to accommodate both the app / entrée format as well as sharing as a table.


Tom Skilling says… a honey of a Mother’s Day is on tap.

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