Extra Corny Appreciation


Sweet Sunday full of memorable experiences for all the mamas in the house. The staff had their hands full with some of the usual Sunday variables and fatigue as we staff up for the summer: all that being said, they came through and delivered great experiences across the board.


True Champion: David was SA for all of Lb1, with support from servers and runners, he was on top of all the details and making our guests smile and coming up with excellent ideas to make our restaurants better. One hundred percent pure David = one hundred percent True Champion.


Mood Scale:  Not to be extra corny (must be the masa!) but I think the X factor that powered our team through Mother’s Day at the end of our work week, was getting to play a positive role in the lives of the families who dined with us tonight. We are blessed with some of most informed and engaged guests in the restaurant business and this was an opportunity to see most of them at their very best.

Tom Skilling says… periods of cloud and sun, breezy and warm.

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