One Way Out


First summer-like temps brought big energy to Tuesday night. We had way more than the usual number of guests check in early and have a cocktail upstairs before going to their tables: Wisconsin supper club style. Shoutout to Chad, Borraz and Oscar for working together to take care of these cocktailers and all seated guests on LB2. Another telltale sign of the momentum building towards summer: we had to prep more ceviche after 9PM because we had sold so much!


True Champion: Chef Andres leadership with the ceviche was amazing, meaning we did not need to 86 on the first summer temp day of 2017, earning Chef the true champion award to start the week.


Mood Scale:  We are focusing on the service standard of “empathy” this week. It was awesome to have new people like Naro, as well as a couple folks who have been on staff, such as Alejandro Bolanos, involve me in small touches at tables tonight. Day one, and the focus on “empathy” is already causing good things in the dining room.

Tom Skilling says… possible OVERNIGHT LOW of 65-70.

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