Thunderstorm Doom


Exciting second day of summer-like temps brought big names and energy to the restaurant, however an approaching line of thunderstorm doom (classic derecho pattern) may have dampened walk-in enthusiasm, especially after 8PM, meaning we did not quite hit 200 covers.


Shoutout:  Lanie and the entire bar team for an exciting summer cocktail change! Well executed and every guest I talked to tonight was loving the new drinks.

True Champion: Rocio our new host on her first full day training has already won her first TC award: for her energy in reuniting guests at the second floor bar before getting them seated for their reservation, for smiling and giving a welcoming vibe at the front door, and for being in love with the scallops and black cod she got to share with Shawneice at the end of her training shift. Awesome to have a new teammate so excited to be here and represent the squad!


Tom Skilling says… this warm breezy beauty is expected to chill by 20-30 degrees towards the end of Thursday.

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