Memorial Day Cookout in Budlong


Big Saturday that grew as the warm air finally started arriving late: the height of the dinner rush was just after 9:30PM and it had been cranking since 6PM. The kitchen got a huge assist from Chef Andres, who had to stop the line for about 15 minutes to get the full rail caught up. That being said, they performed admirably at peak output for the full three hours up to that point and after that 15 minute sort-out, were back on track to finish strong.

True Champion: Lil’ Lesly was on the register tonight and there were times, with so many large groups, she had a line snaked back towards the entrance. As a 34 year old restaurant pro, this would freak me out. As a 19 year old newbie, Lesly made a huge impression on me and the team with her poise, comfortably joking and laughing with guests, totally on point with money, and zero errors ringing. When it comes to true champions, size only matters in terms of spirit.


Mood Scale:  Big shout outs to Andrea and Borraz and Wink, for reaching out to guests during the brief time the kitchen went underwater and helping me ensure we acknowledged longer waits for food, and where appropriate made peace offerings.

Shoutout as well to Todd and Jacob reppin’ CB tonight at Ultra Fresh II!

Tom Skilling says… it’s heating up!



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