Paleta Time


For the most part the classic Tuesday mellow followup to Memorial Day elevated by many guests celebrating. At one point we had three whole lobsters on the second floor.

Shoutout:  Caitlin the bar trainee was superb on the well / humans. Chad was pleased, and that’s all I need to know.


True Champion:  Eric again showed his strength as a trainer / teacher (perhaps emulating the example of his older brother, who is now running Formento’s) this time with Caesar, giving him very solid foundation on all points Ice Line.


SG’s: Krista W and friends received the limp duck joke quite well, though she was sadly sans-Jeff the working man’s hairdo. Sushi Macku, where Kevin Xavazong used to work, represented with a table of 4.

Tom Skilling’s weather: May’s closing day will be the seventh consecutive Wednesday to hit 70F.

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