Any Major Dude Will Tell You

1981 – Walter’s GF died in his apartment of heroin overdose and a month later he got hit by a car. Steely Dan disbanded. Ship wrecked on the rocks: the lowest point. That’s the kind of moment that i believe this song arrived on. I imagine Walter lashed out at Donald, what do you know about my struggle, you’re just a “major dude” now. And rather than say, “Fuck you” slamming the door forever, a song was written and the door was left open a crack. 

Ten years of heavy drug addiction and depression ended with Walter moving to Maui and becoming an avocado farmer. With enough sunlight and water, the avocado pit of their musical partnership re-sprouted. Donald and Walter’s personal history going back to Bard college, the shared musical vocabulary, the empathy and patience of “major dude” Donald, brought Walter back to that door and he opened it as a mostly demonless man in 1993. Citizen Steely Dan was reborn. The world of Steely Dan studio albums and live shows (including Shane Lucipher Fischler on drums) had come together again, this time forever.

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone dude dies but TWO AGAINST NATURE survives.

1 thought on “Any Major Dude Will Tell You”

  1. Arthur, the other night I had a dream we spent our last piastre at the bar! Miss seeing you. Here’s to memories of Steely Dan shredding in the half shell down on the Boston waterfront.

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