⁠The best Chili Dawg in Connecticut — Augie and Rays Drive-In

Gustav Mahler famously wrote that, “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” I love this place and have been coming my whole life, since when I was just a little kid, and my grandparents first brought me. Hands down the best hotdog in the state of Connecticut in my opinion! The hotdog bun achieves the highest form of golden toasted perfection at Augie and Ray’s. On my last visit, I noticed they are toasting their buns with an ancient vertical “elevator-style” toaster, the likes of which I have only ever previously seen at Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, where the hamburger itself was invented. Perhaps that would be the “fire of the gods” that makes Augie and Ray’s buns the ideal accompaniment to a snappy dog topped with their delicious chili. Man just typing out these few sentences and my mouth is set for an Augie and Ray’s chili dog. Oh what a beautifully simple joy it is, to scarf down several best-in-the-world chili dogs, at a picnic table on the Augie and Ray’s outdoor patio, some slow-paced blue-skied afternoon in the summer. Big thank you to Mike and the whole Augie and Ray’s team for “preserving a blazing fire” at the best hotdog restaurant in Connecticut!

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