June 28, 2020 ⁠— Arthur Robert Mullen III, in high school

I was born in 1983, and my first organized learning was at Ellsworth Memorial School. It was actually a pre-school class called, “Fun and Fitness.” At the pre-school I made my first friend, Bradford, and second friend, David Chevry, who introduced me to my third friend, Peter Tonkin. The other thing I learned was that a group of people can work together to create an air pocket from an up-hoisted parachute, under which exists a magical world until the inevitable collapse.

The other, other thing was that I held a deep-seated fear of Ellsworth Memorial, because A) the building was no longer used as a school, and my child brain (still have the same one!) grasped wildly for why, always running as always headlong into the worst-case nightmare scenarios, and B) otherwise perfectly responsible adults, multiple mature adults; teachers, friends parents, bus drivers ⁠— shared with innocent, over-imaginative and wide-eyed children like me, the story that Ellsworth was haunted by an insane ghost named Screwy Louie.

Screwy Louie. Screwy Louie…

1999 ⁠— Sophomore year (Yikes — and my Freshman yearbook photo was too hideous to be scanned and uploaded, or at least I have not yet been able to find that yearbook on Archive.org. I will update this post if that happens.)

2000 ⁠— Junior year

2001⁠— Senior year

-Images are courtesy of Archive.org.

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