Houghton Falls

We rented snowshoes in Bayfield and set off towards the lake on the Houghton Falls hiking trail. The ravine carved a passage through solid limestone. I sensed the presence of animals and knew they could sense a slight limp in my snow shoeing. The temperature was 0. The trail passed through the ravine, over ancient… Continue reading Houghton Falls

Dalou’s Bistro

Steve, an owner of the Pinehurst Inn, recommended Dalou's Bistro, and so that's where we had our first night's dinner. It was amazing. Dalou's is a small family run restaurant built around a wood-burning oven. The pizza was thin crust with delicious homemade sausage: reminded me of home in New Haven in the best way… Continue reading Dalou’s Bistro

Pinehurst Inn

We stayed at an amazing bed and breakfast in Bayfield: the Pinehurst Inn. The owner Steve was a great storyteller and over delicious breakfasts cooked with seasonal ingredients delighted me with all kinds of Lake Superior information. The room was fantastic, with a large tub, 3-sided fireplace and filled with good energy and aromas from… Continue reading Pinehurst Inn