Corn Hill, Truro, MA — October 30, 2022

"The vegetation of Cape Cod has changed mightily, too. As the Pilgrims saw it, the northern part of Cape Cod was 'wooded to the brinke of the sea...' It had large trees, 'Okes, Pines, Sassafras, Juniper, Birch, Holly, Vines, some Ash, Walnut...' Stumps of large size were remembered in 1802. Large trees in small number existed in Provincetown around 1934. But they are all gone now."

Corn Hill / Truro / Provincetown, MA — October 29, 2022

"On a stern and rock-bound coast / The breaking waves dashed high / And the woods, against a stormy sky / Their giant branches toss'd / And the heavy night hung dark / The hills and waters o'er / When a band of exiles moor'd their bark / On the wild New England shore..."