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Angels Point

This was an amazing hike to catch the beginning of the LA sunset. Dirt trails switched back and forth up thru the hills over Dodgers Stadium. There is an overlook featuring public art, the Angels Point sculpture, at the top. Taking in the view of the sun dipping behind DTLA, was satisfyingly well worth the exercise. Shoutout to Aymar and Aileen, Angelinos in love, who I met up there.

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Elysian Park Arboretum

What an awesome parkland, blending public space for family BBQ with nature. The Elysian Park Arboretum, appropriately founded by, “Los Angeles Beautiful,” is home to an astounding assortment of tree species, many of which were completely alien to me as an East Coast dweller. A biologist conducting field research pointed us towards woodpeckers and more interesting birds.

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Mt. Washington Meditation Gardens

Stumbled upon the Self Realization Fellowship, this amazing place, thru the serendipity of climbing mountains. Flora, vistas and serenity exist here at the top of LA’s Mt. Washington. The myriad old growth pines, palms and succulents encourage deep and slow breathes. There is silence mandated here. Thankfully, the beauties found within the Self Realization Fellowship’s meditation garden will leave you speechless.

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Kitchen Mouse

There was a lot to behold and savor at Kitchen Mouse. From the Highland Park street art on the corner, to the hand-woven restaurant mascot (good art provokes questions, in this case, WTF?) The vegan breakfast offerings were flavor forward and hearty portions. Counter service was helpful and organized, and the place has gorgeous morning light. Would recommend to start the day here, your source of delicious vegan power!

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Happy Plants, Happy People

California Caregivers Alliance has a mind blowing selection of all things cannabis. The setup ensures that the staff is able to offer awesome recommendations, by limiting the number of guests in the room with the goods. We waited about five minutes in the waiting room, and greatly appreciated the salesperson’s knowledge and expertise. I’m thirty six years old and no longer recognize most forms of marijuana, but i left California Caregivers Alliance with amazing vegan licorice edibles, and sativa pre-rolls. Fantastic CBD offerings here as well! Thank you CCA for my 2019 mantra, “Happy plants, happy people.”

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Bravo, Vegan Pesto!

OMG this Cali produce. I visited in the middle of winter, for bread and vegetables. The growing climate is a thing of beauty. There is nothing like this possible in Chicago or NYC. Freshly baked rye bread, freshly picked fruits and veggies, just-prepared sauces. Everything needed to execute cooking an amazing dinner, in a single storefront. Bravo, Cookbook!

The Homegrown Lemon

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