Here is a 2.5 hours reggae and cumbia mix for your Q2 session. This is tropical bass making it appropriate soundtrack for summer in general, and poolpartyendo in particular: https://www.mixcloud.com/dondeq2/poolpartyendo/


These images are from the map “A Towel for Tuba,” which is thetowel.bsp and also features several “solariums” in addition to the swimming pool with high dive. No idea who Tuba might be, but let’s get that guy a towel for heaven’s sake.


And heeeeere’s the “meta data” all songs available individually on Soundcloud:

01 El Paso Del Gigante (Ghost X Cesarrodrb Remix)
02 Sonido Satanas – El Paso del Tamal (Original Mix)
03 Mos Def & Djtzinas – Travellin Man (Bruce Missile Blend)
04 DMX – Give It To Ya (Bruce Missile ReRub)
05 Anthony B ‘Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk’ ft Jahdan – Bleepolar’s Bogota Cumbia remix
06 El Muerto_Sonidos Profundos
07 iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft. Longfingah & Cheshire Cat – Reggae Not Dead
08 Beenie Man & Lady Saw – Dancehall Queen (Kevin D Latin Bootleg)
09 Curura (AndresDigitalRemix)
10 RudeboysCumbia (ADRemix)
11 Method Man – Uh Huh (Bruce Missile ReRub)
12 Soltera – ETC!ETC!
14 Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (Dungeon Sound RFX _ DCMJr)
15 Controlla (KKing Kong Bootleg)
16 16 Francisco y Madero – poolpartyndo
17 Casi me pierdo en Niuyolk
18 Borchi – Vodu!
20 Zona Norte – Cumbia Atack
22 Cumbia disco viejo


23 Morenita (Sonido Satanas Remix)
24 Made Men ft. Biggie & Sadat X – De Ja Vu (Bruce Missile ReRub)
25 Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Neck (DUTTY Remix)
26 iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft. La Kinky Beat – Barna Mexico Conection_50801427_soundcloud.mp3
27 Ackeejuice Rockers – Murderer (Original Mix)
28 Esclavo Moderno (Sonidos Profundos RMX)_Manuel Alvarez y sus dangers
30 1er GAOU Magic System – remixed by FARAON BANTU – Champeta-Man & Sargento Garcia
31 Dub Unit feat Speng Bond – Ganjaman (Alguacil Dubkilla Remix)
32 SUPERSAN – Buscandote
34 iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft. Longfingah & Kinetical MC – Chase
35 Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley – Make It Bun Dem (Bruce Missile`s Stop That, Skrillex Blend)
36 Muevelo duro
37 La Yegros – Viene de Mi (Lascivio Bohemia resabó)
38 Los Tigres -Pasito Tun Tun- Remix
39 Bounty Killer & Djtzinas – Real Killa (Bruce Missile Blend)
40 DDD – Simiolo- Sonidos Profundos Rmx
41 Dengue Dengue Dengue – Guarida (feat. Sara Van) [Branko Remix]
42 Carla Morrison – Disfruto (Edsited Refix)
43 Micropapitas – A que no puedes comer sólo

Garden of the Phoenix

Screen shot 2017-06-15 at 9.05.03 PM

The Japanese Garden aka Garden of the Phoenix is a treasured sanctuary in the belly of the urban beast of Chicago.

Screen shot 2017-06-15 at 9.05.25 PM

The intelligent landscaping obscures lines of sight to the industry and commerce lurking nearby, thus out of sight is out of mind.

Screen shot 2017-06-15 at 9.05.48 PM
Unique species of plant and tree are serene and well cared for on this island, apparently having attained if not enlightenment, at least equilibrium.

Screen shot 2017-06-15 at 9.06.42 PM

The waterfall is probably Chicago’s largest now that the waterfall on the North Branch of the Chicago River is being reconfigured.

Screen shot 2017-06-15 at 9.04.16 PM

I like to think there is still a peace to be found out here, perhaps beside the falling water.

Thomas Ethelbert Skilling III


Temps in the mid to high nineties and the graduation season at schools and colleges meant for a hot and action packed Sunday with many large parties, mostly families celebrating an achievement. The heat wave again brought us a few cancellations, and we were ready cutting 1 bar and 1 server on the second floor, which ensured staff energy was high on both floors.


Shoutout:  Shoutout to LLL for recommending the closure of the door into the second floor entryway from the main stairs: this blocked the warm air’s journey from the first floor brewery zone (wide open windows zone, hot humid air, active wild yeast fermentation) to the fine dining restaurant second floor (closed window AC zone, fresh just living fish served on crushed ice) and made a big difference in cooling on a hot day. Definitely would recommend putting this tip in the back pocket for future heat waves.


True Champion: Luis on the dish team was scheduled for a mid shift today. When we all looked at the schedule and realized there was only 1 dish closer, Luis immediately changed his plans to help us close out tonight.  This is not the first time Luis has stepped up, and knowing him, will not be the last. Luis and Yo-Yo are our true champions for going beyond the hard work to show us how much they care for each other, the squad, and 900.


Wink wrote in his report, “Coconut El Train and White Tea Guava Palm Shade were big hits today and should be huge crowdpleasers over the weekend when Brant Miller, Chicago’s most reputable meteorologist, predicts the weather will be hot to quite hot.

With Grace

Full and robust Friday without the wave every cresting overhead: restaurant was firing on all cylinders, as it must to make 250+ covers feel in control and smooth. Great job by BOH and FOH.


Shoutout:  In service tonight we demoed the steps of service to make a decaf Americano (and all decaf expresso drinks) for Maria our newest SA in training. In the explanation I got the sense that Maria had confidence already in this department, and when asked Maria let me know she has worked previously as a barista and is capable of making a heart with foamed milk. Shoutout to Maria coming in with barista (and latte art) experience.


True Champion: Brigitte handled as many covers as the LB1 closer Oscar, and brought all her tables through the full Lena experience (if they opt for it) with precision, wit and the all too rare, even old school, true champion quality that Brigitte amazingly manages to bring to her service every single day we’ve worked together… with grace.


Tom Skilling says… Chicago’s 2nd official 90 degree day (and possibly 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc) likely as early summer hot spell gets underway.​

San Quintin Menu Change


Today was one beautiful June day and an exciting and well executed menu change. While brewery side had their hands full with special events, our restaurant was fully sat with high energy carrying over from the menu change which translated to resonant vibes in the dining rooms.


Shoutout:  Salmon Veracruz and Paella San Qintin were neck and neck in sales throughout their first dinner service. Shoutout to Paella (15 sold) which edged out Salmon Veracruz (14 sold) by 1 unit!


True Champion: The BOH is the true champion for crushing a new menu, with tons of expert techniques and big bold flavors. The staff loved the food, the guests tonight were loving the food and that all starts with the dedication, passion and creativity of the true champion squad.

Tom Skilling says… mostly sunny June Thursday coming in hot.

Tom Skilling Says… Meteorological Summah


Beautiful sunny blue skies for the first weekend of meteorological summer brought us a big energy Friday, with both dining rooms abuzz. The second floor took on many of the large parties, kudos to the team for adapting their service to the challenges of serving larger parties.  Big thank you to Chef Andres for ensuring a smooth service from the helm, and Chef Stephen for managing the prep, and getting ready all the delicious new dishes for menu change.


Shoutout:  It was Emily R’s last service with us, and the way reservations arrived, it impacted her station with a handful of tables beginning concurrently. LLL stepping in and began tables and supported Emily and made sure she was still standing AND smiling at the end.


True Champion: Caesar the new food runner, tonight was with Jose on hot, very impressive with his dedication to teamwork, fast on the uptake for menu knowledge, already rumbling and humming with LB power – I believe what we are seeing is the formation of a new True Champion.

Tom Skilling says… sunniest 2 day period since the Cubs won the World Series.

Paleta Time


For the most part the classic Tuesday mellow followup to Memorial Day elevated by many guests celebrating. At one point we had three whole lobsters on the second floor.

Shoutout:  Caitlin the bar trainee was superb on the well / humans. Chad was pleased, and that’s all I need to know.


True Champion:  Eric again showed his strength as a trainer / teacher (perhaps emulating the example of his older brother, who is now running Formento’s) this time with Caesar, giving him very solid foundation on all points Ice Line.


SG’s: Krista W and friends received the limp duck joke quite well, though she was sadly sans-Jeff the working man’s hairdo. Sushi Macku, where Kevin Xavazong used to work, represented with a table of 4.

Tom Skilling’s weather: May’s closing day will be the seventh consecutive Wednesday to hit 70F.

Japanese Garden


Saturday at the restaurant started off with a bang and continued through at the highest level of volume throughout. We were short one bartender but had an excellent stage, and with Lanie staying through the first push, got off the ground and service was flying thereafter.

Shoutout:  Natalie and Leticia made the entire experience for a guest whose special diet means no sugar whatsoever: they crafted a special sugarless dessert (fresh fruit doesn’t count!) that was above and beyond and exemplifies the entire pastry station’s level of care and execution.


Second Pastry Shoutout: To Chef Kelly, already having a big year, for delivering Gretchen Schmaltz’s newborn daughter Ines!

Secret Sugarfree Dessert Tlayuda Recipe?

South Side Sightseeing


Higher than typical energy for a Sunday with so many guests in town for the National Restaurant Association show not only eager to dine at our restaurant, also up and eager to photograph the culinary goings-on at said dinner.  It was great to see the guests enthusiasm for the Fire line in particular where it felt as if there was always at least 1 shutterbug guest taking photos of the action.


Shoutout:  Big shoutout to the whole squad for making a 212 cover Sunday night feel smooth and easy like Sunday morning.


True Champion: Jose O. went beyond the call of duty, down 1 runner and training a new hire, not only running all hot food but taking the time to carry bustubs of dirty dishes down to the dish team, and helping the SA’s clear tables on the floor. Jose’s huge effort made a difference for so many of us on the squad.

Tom Skilling keeps saying it’s getting warmer… Prove it Tom!

Memorial Day Cookout in Budlong


Big Saturday that grew as the warm air finally started arriving late: the height of the dinner rush was just after 9:30PM and it had been cranking since 6PM. The kitchen got a huge assist from Chef Andres, who had to stop the line for about 15 minutes to get the full rail caught up. That being said, they performed admirably at peak output for the full three hours up to that point and after that 15 minute sort-out, were back on track to finish strong.

True Champion: Lil’ Lesly was on the register tonight and there were times, with so many large groups, she had a line snaked back towards the entrance. As a 34 year old restaurant pro, this would freak me out. As a 19 year old newbie, Lesly made a huge impression on me and the team with her poise, comfortably joking and laughing with guests, totally on point with money, and zero errors ringing. When it comes to true champions, size only matters in terms of spirit.


Mood Scale:  Big shout outs to Andrea and Borraz and Wink, for reaching out to guests during the brief time the kitchen went underwater and helping me ensure we acknowledged longer waits for food, and where appropriate made peace offerings.

Shoutout as well to Todd and Jacob reppin’ CB tonight at Ultra Fresh II!

Tom Skilling says… it’s heating up!