Rest in Peace Herman Cain

"I don't agree with Herman Cain's politics at all, but what I agree with even less is how Herman Cain has been completely discarded by Trump and the Republicans since his death from Covid-19. Herman Cain's life mattered and deserves to be remembered. Here is my tribute to Herman Cain."

Zen and Jerry: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s humor has a funny flavor, by Brian Moss — Sept. 3, 1987

"Jerry Seinfeld does a lot of what he calls 'human cartooning,' putting thoughts in the heads of animals and inanimate objects. He's lately been doing a routine about horseback riding — from the horse's point of view. 'Just chill out, Hopalong,' says Seinfeld the steed to his spur-happy rider, 'I know the trail.'"