East Side Story — Life and death in the Front Street neighborhood, and the tricks of collective memory, by Susan B. Pennybacker and Nancy Albert

"Front Street on the East Side of Hartford, Connecticut. — It was where the immigrants came: The Irish, the Jews, the Italians, the Chinese. It was where African-American migrants settled. Through a rosy, nostalgic view of Hartford's past, we remember this vital neighborhood — but, oh, what we forget."

June 28, 2020 ⁠— Stone Age Rock Gym, Manchester, Connecticut

"1994 ⁠— Robyn Hull, age 12, grade 7, Timothy Edwards Middle School. Claim to fame: 'I collect bottle caps.' Favorite things and why: 'My blanket, because it has a cute bear on it.' Worst gross-out: 'The sight of blood.' Best friend and why: 'Kate Mullen, because she's pretty.'"