INSA Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

1. The entrance is in the back of this building at INSA - Easthampton, Massachusetts. 2. Looking up at Mount Tom State Park. 3. Lower Mill Pond. My thoughts on and review for the Insa dispensary are best summed up in the following excerpt from an email that I had written to a friend recently… Continue reading INSA Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Personally Conducted History Tour of New Haven

The tour begins at the corner of College Street and Chapel Street, in New Haven, Conn, where the Yale undergraduates (all male, until 1969) long spun tops in so-called displays of dominance... "The old Yale Fence stood here. 1837 - 1888." Later, Osborn Hall, 1888 - 1926. Now, Bingham Hall, the building on which this… Continue reading Personally Conducted History Tour of New Haven