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East Rock, Part 2

east rock new haven arthur mullen 3rdarm august

Etta and I car-climbed to the top of East Rock, for views of downtown New Haven and the harbor.

east rock new haven arthur mullen etta kostick 3rdarm ct august

I read how Long Island Sound was a freshwater lake, with waters rising up to East Rock, during the ice age.

east rock monument 3rdarm arthur mullen

The monument is dedicated to sailors and soldiers who lost their lives at seas and in battles.

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New Haven

east rock new haven 3rdarm

After lunch, Aunty went home to take a nap, while Etta and I drove on to New Haven for a milkshake. Shake Shack is right on the New Haven town green. I got a blueberry pie milkshake. The homeless and mentally insane is one factor that distinguishes New Haven’s town green from Guilford’s.

shake shack new haven town green 3rdarm

After the snack, I got my hair cut at an old school barbershop on the Yale campus. The barber, Carl, barely spoke. The music was so low, it was hard to recognize it was there at all. I loved it.

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The Rumble

millennium park meghan etta 3rdarm chicago

It’s been hard to work so many hours and still hang out with friends in real life. Most of my days off are either on the road or in front of the computer.

millennium park meghan etta 3rdarm chicago

It made me so happy to get a chance to spend the evening with Meghan! Unfortunately it was the only Monday of the summer that they did not have contemporary music in Millennium Park: instead it was the young adults orchestrating West Side Story.

millennium park meghan etta 3rdarm chicago

That did not deter our plans! Meghan brought amazing wine, as well as spicy ginger beer and special sweet treats for me. The chocolate with mezcal and salt was fantastic. Etta brought a gigantic focaccia sandwich from Bari.

millennium park meghan etta 3rdarm chicago

My favorite part was rolling around in the grass in my blue sweatshirt and laughing with Etta and Meghan.

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Castillo de Chapultepec

Castillo de Chapultepec 3rdarm mexico city frontera grill staff trip chicago xoco arthur mullen

The walk up may be intense, especially once the overall elevation of Mexico City is taken into account (something like 2 miles higher than Chicago!) However the grounds of Chapultepec Park, and the view of the city, as well as visiting the only castle in the Americas, make the journey worthwhile.

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Magic Hedge Part 3

magic hedge 3rdarm montrose beach chicago

We stopped for food at Montrose Beach. I had a hotdog by the water, Etta had sour creamy chicken quesadillas and Effie had a big salad of course. A man brought his caged parakeet to the beach, presumably to enjoy the air.

montrose beach food 3rdarm etta effie kostick

That night we went for Chinese medicine and massage at Fit Foot, followed by Thai food at Sticky Rice. Two days later, on her 28th birthday, Effie flew off to see Gordon in NYC.

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Divvy Bike Ride

lincoln park zoo 3rdarm camels chicago

On Monday we went for a long bike ride utilizing Chicago’s new form of mass transit, the Divvy bikes. For $7 a day you can use the bike system: what that actually means is that you get unlimited 30 minutes rides from station to station. We used the CycleFinder app and headed North on the Lakeshore Path from Navy Pier.

lincoln park zoo effie etta kostick 3rdarm

We stopped at North Avenue beach for ice cream and crossed over Lake Shore Drive into Lincoln Park to the next bike station. The tulips and other flowers were in first bloom. We walked the bikes through a small segment of the public zoo and saw these camels lumping out.

north of montrose beach 3rdarm

Almost 8 miles later we turned around just north of Montrose Beach, where the dogs control a long stretch of lakefront.

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