Hur Man Gör Barn

Fredrik and Eva 3rdarm

I just thought I’d say… hello because I live here. Neighbours… -Really? -I’m Fredrik. -I’m Eva. -What? -I’m Fredrik. I have 4.5. -What? -My glasses. -Have you? -Visual defect, that is. Plus 4.5. -I’ve got that, too. -Have you! In both eyes? -Yes. -I never met anyone with exactly the same. -No, me neither. [They switch glasses.] -It’s… it’s exactly the same! -Yes… there’s no difference. Imagine if we really changed and went around like this. How ugly…

Min pappa slog mig 3rdarm

Can I sleep here? My dad hit me. Now we have the same tape on our glasses as well. -I have to confess something. I made that up about my glasses breaking when I was dancing. -I know. I understood that. But it doesn’t matter, because I have no friends either. Apart from you, that is… -We’re just going to sleep next to each other, aren’t we? Nothing else? -No. -Good. Good night. -Good night.

-from the year 2000 Swedish film, Together, written and directed by Lukas Moodysson

2 thoughts on “Hur Man Gör Barn

  1. no says:

    Good sweet bean, Bear. Keep it safe, mild, and keep the appendages family-oriented!

  2. no says:

    As in not making the family larger!

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