White Sweet Potato

frontera 3rdarm white sweet potato boniato

We have huitlacoche. I saw it growing in a field of corn, the purple fungus busting out. The huitlacoche colors a tamal that tastes like the earth I walked on when I visited Nichols farm. The tamal and confit tomato from the garden above the restaurant with hen of the woods mushrooms from the woods and brown leaves of a mustard green called ruby streaks from the garden the bayless asked us not to step on at the party sunday.

pleasant house bakery toffee banana cream pie 3rdarm

That’s served in a sauce of pasilla chiles, dark and bittersweet. The huitlacoche tamal in dark chile sauce is finished with tuiles of hard salty raw sheeps milk cheese from nearby southern Illinois sheeps. Its vegetarian.

One thought on “White Sweet Potato

  1. a says:

    Darling eater, sleeper, dreamer, basket-weaver. No, forget it about the basket-weaving.

    I saw this and it made me think, inexplicably, of you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMfYNqJgO8Y

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