Samson Rock

samson rock plaque madison ct 3rdarm

Ray works at Get Wireless Now in Madison. I didn’t know the store existed until I stopped by when he was working. That being said, its good to have an AT&T retailer in town. They have everything needed to set up service, and were able to help my older aunt choose a phone that was easy for her to call, text and email from- two of the three she had never done before. They also have a good selection of iPhone accessories.

samson rock madison ct 3rdarm

The best part of the store is definitely the location- in the plaza behind Main Street between a package store and Stop & Shop. There you will find a pantheon of intriguing outdoor artworks. Its a combo of stores and sculpture park. In addition to that is a town landmark- the Samson Rock, perched precariously on a hill, right next to the store. I was fascinated enough to write down the history of the Samson stone to share:

get wireless now madison ct 3rdarm

“This beautiful landmark, Samson Rock, is a boulder precariously placed on a large outcropping of glacial deposit. As with most wonders of the natural world, there are legends and stories to explain their presence. The local Native Americans of this place in the 17th Century told of a giant, Odziozo, who followed a flock of geese down the glacier covering New England long ago. The giant had just created beautiful Lake Champlain (Petoubouque) and now found himself in the center of Madison, Connecticut. While here, he created Tuxis Pond, Tuxis Island, and Samson Rock.

purple lace up sculpture madison ct

It is a long story, but when the early settlers from Europe chose this beautiful place to live, they wanted to make a legend of their own to explain the boulder. Since Samson was known as the strongest man in the world, according to the Old Testament of the Bible, his name was used as the giant who scooped up the earth, threw it in the Sound, stepping on the rock as he did so. Well it must be true because the giant’s footprint is still on Samson Rock. Odziozo or Samson, whoever created this unusual landmark, did a fine job. Madison is a beautiful place to live and we are fortunate to have legends and folklore about it’s history. Please enjoy and respect Samson Rock.”

canoe sculpture madison ct 3rdarm

Unfortunately someone has vandalized the plaque and it now reads, “Vagina Rock.”

One thought on “Samson Rock

  1. a says:

    Vagina’s rocking the green and round the Yak tree.

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