Alligator Ferns

alligator fern garfield park conservatory 3rdarm chicago

My friend from growing up in Connecticut visited Chicago with his girlfriend. I picked them up from her uncle’s place on Lake Shore Drive and took them on a hot dog tour. I fantasize about taking visitors to about seven different hot dog joints, but today we only made it to Phil’s where we split a char dog and a double fatso as midday snack. In the early afternoon we had quesadillas, huaraches, elote, churros, champurrado and Mexican coke. In the evening we went to Trencherman for dinner.

alligator fern 3rdarm chicago

For sites we did the Garfield Park Conservatory, National Museum of Mexican Art, Millenium Park for ice skater watching, and Timber Lanes for Midwestern bowling. I had a subpar outing on the lanes but still consider myself to be about a 180 bowler.

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