You’re the Man Now Dog

topolobampo king orange pork belly bok choy 3rdarm

Every day, I come into work enthusiastic to be challenged by the learning and sharing of Mexican
culture. I care deeply about how I represent the hard work of so many talented and dedicated
individuals and have never been prouder to be a part of a functional working family. I am ready to
commit to my very best work and would like to take up where Dan, Matt and Max left off in the
management position at XOCO. I believe the respect I have for the vision, leadership and high
standards of Chefs Rick, Amado, Shaw, and Adrian, the professional relationships I have with the
XOCO staff, as well as my knowledge of XOCO systems, would all be key attributes.

pumpkin caramel cheesecake latizias chicago 3rdarm

XOCO leads the city in bringing together the trends of street food, craft beer, local and sustainable, and high value- its approachable and quick service yet the history and techniques behind the food and concept run deep. I would dedicate myself to best represent XOCO with the guests, to best teamwork, educate and learn with the staff. I am ready to do my very best.

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