Loup de Mer

lula cafe chicago summer 2013 3rdarm

I dined solo at the bar on a Sunday night: my first time on that side of the restaurant in the new space. Service was on point. The bartender made me a South Hampton, the perfect cocktail for a nondrinker: ice, tonic water, bitters, and lime. I started with octopus and 5 types of cherry tomatoes: the oven-roasted inside-out ones were intensely acidic, the tentacles smoky and meaty. For dinner I had wolf fish, white, small flake, cooked perfectly, with the skin on complimented by cauliflower, bietina, black quinoa, and fava bean salsa verde.

lula cafe chicago 3rdarm

I got 2 desserts (pinche puerco): the gateau brulee with cheese ice cream, lemon ice and blueberries, and light as air churros with a mason jar of cajeta custard capped with amazing goat’s milk caramel. When I finished the first plate I had the bartender remove the evidence right away (pinche puerco). Loved the dinner, and it gave me good energy for the bike ride back home.

One thought on “Loup de Mer

  1. Art-Wonder says:

    Fancy kicks and bites of sea animals.

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